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Les Mills CORE

What is Les Mills Core?

LES MILLS CORE is an abdominal training program that will also improve lower back, hip and glute strength, along with overall stability. Trained instructors guide you through the techniques as you work with resistance tubes and weight plates, as well as body weight exercises such as crunches and hovers.

How to get started?

The instructor will provide you with options so that you can adjust the workout to your own fitness level. If you’re just getting started you can do the first 4 tracks and add an additional track every week until you build up to the whole class.

Workout Type

  • CORE


  • Increase core strength and stability
  • Tone and condition your abs, glutes and back
  • Improve posture and movement control
  • Build muscular endurance and resilience
  • Restore function and flexibility to your core
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Core: 45mins Class [51]