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Les Mills GRIT

What is Les Mills GRIT?

LES MILLS GRIT program is a 30min high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout, broken up into three different strands:

  • Strength:  improves strength and builds lean muscle.
  • Cardio: improves cardiovascular fitness, increase speed and maximise calorie burn.
  • Athletic: enhance overall athletic performance, strength, agility and speed.

How to get started?

The instructor will provide you with options to suit different levels of fitness. Take as many breaks as you need – stop, and then join in again when you are ready. Build up to a full class in your own time. If you are just getting started with exercise it is recommended that you don’t do any HIIT training until Week 7.

Workout Type

  • HIIT


The individual benefits differ depending on the GRIT program undertaken.