Discover How To Heal Your Thyroid and Reverse Your Symptoms in 7 Lessons!

Get more energy, less brain fog, and a healthy metabolism!

Our eCourse can help you achieve optimal health with solid education-based, step-by-step guidance by a Lucy Rose Clinic Naturopath.

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ECourse Outline:

Lesson 1: Interpreting Pathology

  • What are the thyroid hormones.
  • The difference between optimal and normal reference ranges so you can interpret your test results straight away.
  • Test results and symptoms for hyperthyroid.
  • Test results and symptoms for hypothyroid.
  • Other tests for treating thyroid imbalances.

Lesson 2: How To Supplement Correctly

  • What are the essential nutrients to improve thyroid function.
  • How to improve your body’s absorption to maximise therapy.
  • RDI vs Corrective dosing.
  • Bromide toxicity and detox strategies.
  • Nutrients to enhance thyroid hormones and doses.

Lesson 3: Temperature Tracking 

  • How to tell if you could be hypo or hyper thyroid with basal body temperature charting.
  • How to measure your response to treatment or supplemental changes.
  • Other factors that affect your body temperature.
  • Why you need to fix your body temperature.
  • How to interpret your temperature chart.

Lesson 4: Heavy Metals and Minerals

  • The Relationship Between Toxic Metals And Thyroid
  • How to test for heavy metals.
  • The 4-Phases of liver detoxification.
  • How to improve your body’s excretion of toxic metals.
  • Food and diet strategies to help detox toxic metals.
  • How to improve your mineral status and why you MUST to correct toxic load levels in the body.

Lesson 5: Balance Hormones

  • Which nutrients you need to balance ALL your hormones.
  • How to avoid the pregnenolone steal.
  • The most science-based strategies for happy hormones.
  • Hormones and weight loss.

Lesson 6: Food Triggers

  • Why food intolerances could be affecting your energy, weight, and hormones negatively.
  • How to identify your food intolerances.
  • The Elimination Diet process.
  • Science base food testing.

Summary – Tying It All Together

  • Find the missing factors that you need to succeed.
  • Implement them into your plan.
  • How to set goals.
  • How to build systems to succeed.
  • Tips to self-check regularly.
  • How to keep accountable.