What’s on this week?

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What’s Happening This Week?

Group Coaching Calls

This Week’s Topic

Group Exercise Class

This Week’s Classes

  • Monday

    6:30AM (ADST) – Stretch Exercise Class

    9:00AM (ADST) – Mindfulness

    6:30PM (ADST) – Group Coaching Call – TOPIC: Depression & the Thyroid How are they Linked?

  • Tuesday

    1.00PM (ADST) – Group Coaching Call

    4:30PM (ADST) – FB Live : Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome – what is at play?

  • Wednesday

    6:30AM (ADST) – Body Balance

    9:00AM (ADST) – Core Exercise Class

    1:00PM (ADST) – Group Coaching Call for New Members (Getting started with TLRC)

  • Thursday

    5:30PM (ADST) – Group Coaching Call

  • Friday

    6:30AM (ADST) – Yoga

    9:00AM (ADST) – *BONUS* Sh’bam!

    6.00PM (ADST) – Group Coaching Call